Outdoor adventures

Callisthenics park, Yoga platform, barefoot path and hammocks in the forest – we have it all! The brandgut area is peppered with plenty of outdoor adventures and there will soon be even more.. Adventurers, people looking for relaxation and those who enjoy taking in the views – you name it, everyone can let off steam to their heart’s content, switch off and relax or just take a deep breath of the fresh mountain air. Whether you want to take things up a notch – or come back down – you can do both here.

Ein Mädchen schwingt an einer Seilschaukel mit einem Hintergrund aus üppigen Bäumen, was die unbeschwerte Freude und die naturnahe Freizeitgestaltung im Hotel Brandgut, Viehhofen, einfängt
Ein Paar hält Händchen und schlendert barfuß über einen Pfad aus Holzscheiten in der sanften Morgensonne, eine friedliche Szenerie, die das naturnahe Erlebnis im Hotel Brandgut im Salzburger Land einfängt


Gymnastics like a kid

For us, glowing with joy means feeling like a child sometimes. Light-hearted, fun, with nothing but nonsense on our minds. This feeling is particularly prevalent in our children’s playground for adults. Pull-up bars, parallel bars, bouldering and ring structures await you in the open air – let’s go!


Time for you

Yoga on the mountain – a very special experience. We don’t know about you, but we can’t always concentrate so well indoors. We particularly enjoy selfness in the fresh air, with a view of the mountains. We feel really connected to nature and can soak up the sun – er, energy, of course.


Go with the flow

Untouched nature, fresh mountain air, the sound of the wind in the village. Treat yourself to a break and come to rest. Because only those who allow themselves breaks can be productive. We call the state of balance “glowing” – because the joy of life brings a smile to your face, which is contagious and makes you happier.

Barefoot trail

Pure freedom

Don’t feel like putting on your shoes? We know all about that! Even as a child, the best thing was to walk around the house or garden barefoot. Without shoes. Without socks. – Feel the path we have planned and laid out under your feet and you’ll see: you’ll feel much better afterwards.


Lay back & enjoy

Everyone is talking about forest bathing – we take it for granted. What do we prefer to do instead? Hanging out in the forest. Just doze off or take a good book with you and enjoy the time (even barefoot). You can also grab a book from our small forest library – let yourself be inspired.

Eine Frau blickt nachdenklich in die Ferne, während sie an einer hölzernen Kletterwand in der Natur klettert, mit der malerischen Bergkulisse des Salzburger Lands im Hintergrund
Meditation in einem ruhigen Wald, umgeben von hohen Bäumen, ein perfekter Ort für Entspannung und Rückzug in der Nähe des Hotel Brandgut in Viehhofen.
Ein Paar wandert einen mit Holzscheiten gepflasterten Weg entlang, eingehüllt in das warme Licht und die natürliche Umgebung, die die malerische Landschaft um das Hotel Brandgut in Viehhofen
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Proposal at brandgut

We organise the perfect moment

Pure romance on the mountain

Does the thought of that one person make you tingle inside? Are the butterflies not only fluttering in your stomach, but completely obscuring your vision? And do you want to ask that person the question of all questions? We have the perfect location and ideas.

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Wildlife at over 1,000 meters

Julia’s cattle yard

When the roosters are already mooing in the morning.

Admittedly: We don’t have any roosters or cows. But lots of fluffy sheep and bleating goats, two Haflingers with flowing manes and four legs – Newton & Gara, our former stud and his girlfriend, – a few funny ducks (Donald & Daisy) and cuddly rabbits. Oh, and don’t forget Willy, our no longer so vigilant senior dog & the cats Gismo, Fleckbert & Mauzbert! Petting, watching, photographing … everything is allowed as long as you are kind to our two- and four-legged friends. Yes, you can even help muck out if you really want to. 😉

In winter, our animals spend the cold season in the stable. Accompanied by hostess Julia, young and old explorers can also visit the four-legged friends. Observing, photographing … everything is allowed. As the welfare of the animals is very important to us, we unfortunately cannot guarantee petting. In summer, rabbits and goats are allowed to spend time in the summer villa (the animals’ summer residence on the alpine meadow). You can reach it after a long walk. And if you walk uphill for up to an hour, you will reach our alpine pasture. There our horses spend the summer with the best view of the surrounding mountains.