Meet the Neureiters

Everything but square

“Come as you are”, said Kurt.

We in the brandgut live for exciting contrasts. #farmlife and #alpinelifestyle. Professional and casual Everything, but never square. Because who says that life can only be black and white? Here you can be as you are, because we are, too. We do not mince our words and do not shy away from cracking a joke or two the traditional Austrian way with our guests.

And to make your stay even less bleak: Our many bleating animal friends look forward to your visit. Our sheep, goats, horses, rabbits, ducks and cats are our family. This way, your outing into the mountains also becomes a holiday on the farm.

Petting zoo

Fluffy sheep and bleating goats

As mentioned earlier: Our animals are part of the family. That’s why here they are well looked after and enjoy being petted, when they are in the stables or come to see you at the fence on the large alpine meadow.

And every now and then our cohabitants also get offspring, who you are welcome to cuddle after an initial settling-in period. On Instragram @brandgut we’ll keep you up-to-date about our new arrivals.

In the mood for good food

Fine dining in the Brandgut

A picture-perfect mountain inn! Our brandgut at more than 1,000 metres altitude overlooks Glemm Valley, and while you enjoy regional classics or modern vegan dishes, both hearty and healthy, there is no shortage of views to admire.

Spa & Wellness

Leave all your carers behind

The best end to a hot summer day is a jump into the cool water … and that’s exactly what you can do in our natural swimming pond. If you visit us in winter, you’ll find soothing warmth in our sauna after a full day’s skiing.

Outdoor power for the soul

Good vibes only

For us it’s not just about healthy sleeping (that’s what we do at 1,000 meters anyway). At our in-house Calisthenics Park, we not only get your muscles in shape, we don’t neglect your funny muscles either – especially when you chill out on our yoga platform or on hammocks in the forest. Meditate, walk barefoot through our path or simply enjoy the view. No limits! And if you have to go out, grab the foot pedal to the brandgut-Alm – no catering, but the view and the happy horses in the pasture make it perfect in summer. Be sure to take warming tea (or schnapps) with you in winter!

Frau mit Ziege am Arm im brandgut in Viehhofen
Restaurant mit Holzdetails im brandgut in Viehhofen
Detailaufnahme Saunaofen im brandgut in Viehhofen
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Site map Info

Main building “place to glow”

  • Entrance
  • Reception “Operations center”
  • Restaurant “Brandherd”
  • Bar “Brandlöscher”
  • Winter garden “Brandglut”
  • Bike and ski cellar


  • Massage room
  • Flow Room (meditation room)
  • In front of the spa: sunbathing lawn
  • Natural pool

Carport with e-charging stations


Julia’s Stockyard






Distillery hut “Distillarea”




Calisthenics Park




Summer villa of the animals


Discharge house




Barefoot path


Hammocks in the forest


Camping Spot


Viewing platform

Josef Neureiter

Janitor, chauffeur, distiller, father, grandfather, husband, … Josef simply takes care of everything around the brandgut. A new wellness zone is called for? Josef sets about it. The guests need a train station shuttle or want to get to the mountain cableways? He starts up the hotel bus. And when in the evening people meet up for a drink, he likes to join in and drink a toast to a successful day with his self-distilled schnapps.

Julia Neureiter

She is the landlady. And why is it that there still is not a suitable name for this? Ruler? Sounds too strict, somehow. Owner? Not expressive enough. In any case, Julia is the one who is on top of everything. Be it at reception, when servicing guests, managing all business matters or in the stable with the animals – she is a true power-woman and truly turns all clichés on the image of women on their head. For her the most important thing is that in the brandgut everyone can be as individual as they are without having to play-act.

Maria Neureiter

Maria is the kind soul of the house. She looks after all the loving details around the brandgut. Plants and flowers, pictures and carpets, table and interior decorations – everything in and around the building that adds to the nice ambience, carries her thumbprint In addition, with her many years of experience she is Julia’s right-hand woman in all business matters and a warm-hearted mother, grandmother and host.

Michael Neureiter

Michael is always there when you need him. Like “Invisible Man”, he takes care of any work that needs to be done in the background, without anyone even noticing him. He helps out on the farm, harvesting the hay, stable work and does not hesitate to let his sister Julia borrow his tractor when she has work to do herself around her animal yard.

Michael Neureiter Jr.

The likely most industrious helper in the stables. Michael’s son and Julia’s nephew goes about his work on the farm of the brandgut as if he was its owner. He loves “his” animals and also likes to take guests by the hand to show them his furry friends.

Each & every one

We are positive about that aspect here

‘Fois es eich no ned aufgfoin is’ – animal or human; young or old; man or woman; orange or blue. By now it must be quite clear, everyone wants to come to the brandgut! We create exceptional moments and memories – for everyone! A place where we laugh together and where the fire is kindled. Julia does just that, it’s what the brandgut is about.

Awards rating

We always knew it but it is now finally official – the exceptional hospitality provided by Julia et al of the brandgut team has been recognised and rewarded! We are one of the top-rated places in the region! As if that weren’t reason enough to drop by…

Nature is a matter close to our hearts


We have been an official and certified partner of FAIRTRADE AUSTRIA since 2023. We source our coffee in accordance with the guidelines and enjoy drinking it even more. It’s completely natural for us.

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History. The here and now. For you.


Living with conscience, ‘könna aa mia’

Julia has breathed new life into the brandgut, with themes including sustainability and energy-efficiency being incredibly important elements of the restructuring measures. Doing good for the environment, keeping up with the times and at the same time creating an innovative hotel? – Check out how the brandgut has become what it is known for these days…just drop by and get to know Julia and her farm!