Ziege im brandgut in Viehhofen


Why ought you be a part of the brandgut crew?

  • We are cool and really professional.
  • You enjoy flexible working hours with us.
  • You really can relax and unwind in our mini spa.
  • In the mood for good food? – Free of charge of course!
  • Wia san einfach guad!

We are
looking for


Breaking away from the traditional with new elements. That is exactly what we do in the brandgut and exactly what we want our chefs to serve on guests’ plates! Play with fire, let the sparks fly and ensure others get bitten by the soul food bug 5 or 6 days a week? If you would like to become a member of our crew, you should bring the following with you:

  • Completed chef training
  • Creativity
  • A good grasp of vegan & vegetarian cuisine
  • And most importantly – a passion for your work

Waiting staff

Do you know what we are looking for?

Lively barkeepers to work 4-, 5-or 6 days a week, who not only meet expectations but also know what people want before they utter a word. Want to have fun and chat with guests too? You get that.

We don’t just work in the brandgut. We live and love what we do. You don’t need any training to become a part of the crew! Are you a career changer? Even better! We’ll get you up to speed!

You ought to:

  • Be passionate in your craft and about our guests
  • Be a good colleague and team player – It’s all about ‘we and us’ here!
  • Don’t forget – be as cool as we are! 😉