Classic massage

Always available

Here follows a brief theoretical introduction to classic massage, because what happens during one hardly requires any further explanation. The movements are called Effleurage (stroking), Petrissage (kneading), Friction (rubbing) and Tapotement (tapping). One more thing learnt, with which the smart-a**** among you can boast next time 😉

30 min – € 42.00
45 min – € 63.00

Lymphatic drainage

Let your inside get into flow again

A gentle, medical massage

45 min

Foot reflex zone massage

Little foot – big player

A small body part that can do so much. Your feet are linked to your entire body via nerve pathways. A foot reflex zone massage releases blockades, relaxes your body within a very short space of time and activates your body’s ability to heal itself. This means energy can flow better in your body.

30 min

Head & face massage

Relieve stress

A head massage is probably the best means to combat stress. Since the scalp has a great deal of cranial nerves and key meridians, during a head massage you get to drift off into a pleasing and sustained relaxing state. A face massage also stimulates the circulation, whereby weary eyes vanish and you can be satisfied as you look in the mirror and see a radiant complexion.

30 min

Best of both worlds

Classic and foot reflex zone massage

Say no more. 45 minutes pure relaxation. I’m in.

45 min

Aroma oil massage

Individually tailored to you

Long days in the office tense your shoulders? Or do you want to do something good for your muscles after a sporty day in the mountains? During our aromatic oil massage, our masseuse will address your ailments and get you fit again with high-quality doterra oils. Includes an oil blend to take away!

45 min

Zwei Hände, die eine Frau am Rücken massieren
Zwei Hände, die am Bein massieren
Zwei Hände, die die Fußsohle massieren
Zwei Hände, die ein Frauengesicht massieren
Bein massierende Hände
Hände, die eine am Rücken liegende Frau an den Schultern massieren
01 / 00
€ 42,00
€ 63,00
€ 44,00
€ 42,00
€ 60,00
€ 65,00

Ready to relax
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    Aussicht auf Naturbadeteich mit Holzterrasse und sommerlichem Bergpanorama im brandgut in Viehhofen
    Stühle im Ruhebereich im brandgut in Viehhofen

    Natural pool & Outdoors

    Head first into refreshment

    What could be nicer on a hot summer’s day than taking a dip in the cool water in the middle of an impressive mountain backdrop? Not a thing, that’s what we reckon anyway. For that reason, in the brandgut we have a natural pool which refreshes your body and helps your mind unwind. Dive in and find out.

    Mini Spa

    Treat yourself a bit.

    On rainy days and in the winter you get to relax like a yeast dough in our Copper Spa. Wrapped in a fluffy bathing robe you can unwind while reading a book in the relaxation room and treat yourself to the ultimate in relaxation – a massage with Sabrina. Those who like it hot, can perspire and rest up in the sauna.

    Copper Spa: coming soon. We will keep you in the loop on Insta: @brandgut.

    Detailaufnahme Einstiegsleiter Naturbadeteich im brandgut in Viehhofen
    Detailaufnahme Saunaaufguss im brandgut in Viehhofen
    Sommerliche Aussicht auf Bergpanorama am Naturbadeteich im brandgut in Viehhofen
    Detailaufnahme Innenbereich Sauna mit Sitzbank im brandgut in Viehhofen