Aussicht auf Naturbadeteich mit Holzterrasse und sommerlichem Bergpanorama im brandgut in Viehhofen
Here’s a little insight into our new copper spa*


brand new from June 2024

Opening of the Copper Spa

Hang out like a sloth

Sounds tempting? We feel you! Relaxation and relaxation time simply have to happen – and that’s exactly what you can do with us. Ignite your inner flame and check out our highlights in the copper spa:

  • Relaxation room with floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Lots of space to chill and hang out
  • Finnish sauna
  • herbal sauna
  • steam bath
  • infrared loungers
  • waterfall shower
  • rain shower
  • Sunbathing lawn with fresh air
  • Flow Room – Our new meditation room
  • Massage room
  • Access to our swimming pond
  • Outdoor lawn with panoramic views (only in summer)


Enjoy with a view

You have a view of the mountains opposite from the relaxation room, from the sauna and from our meditation room “Flow Room”. So that not only your body, but also your soul can switch off properly.


Aperol Spritz lovers will definitely not be disappointed.

In the spa you will find an orange walkie talkie. Simply grab it and have a spritz or drink via radio Order a latte – whatever you feel like

*Renderings are sample images and may have deviations.

Natural pool & Outdoors

Head first into refreshment

What could be nicer on a hot summer’s day than taking a dip in the cool water in the middle of an impressive mountain backdrop? Not a thing, that’s what we reckon anyway. For that reason, in the brandgut we have a natural pool which refreshes your body and helps your mind unwind. Dive in and find out.

Detailaufnahme Einstiegsleiter Naturbadeteich im brandgut in Viehhofen
A little foretaste of our relaxation room*
Sommerliche Aussicht auf Bergpanorama am Naturbadeteich im brandgut in Viehhofen
Hang out and chill in the sauna area*

Classic massage

Back or back & legs/hands

Here is a brief theoretical introduction to classic massage, because what happens during such a massage probably needs no further explanation. The movements are called effleurage (stroking), petrissage (kneading), friction (rubbing) and tapotement (tapping). Another lesson for the smart ones among you to brag about next time.

30 min – € 43
45 min – € 65

Full body massage

Back, legs, hands & neck

Experience ultimate relaxation. This treatment relieves tension from head to toe, boosts your circulation and revitalizes the body. Perfect for your holistic well-being.

45 minutes – € 65
60 minutes – € 87

Relaxation massage

Back, legs, hands, neck, head & face

A true blessing for your body and mind. Gentle touches and calming techniques reduce your stress, promote relaxation and leave you with a feeling of deep serenity.

80 minutes – € 116

Foot reflexology massage

Special massage technique for the back & sole of the foot

What a small part of the body can do. Your feet are in contact with the whole body via the nerve tracts. A foot reflexology massage releases blockages, relaxes within a very short time and activates the body’s self-healing powers. This allows the energy in your body to flow better again.

30 minutes – € 43
45 minutes – € 65

Head & face massage

Classic massage + lymphatic drainage on the head and face

A head massage is probably the best remedy for stress. Because many cranial nerves and important meridians are located on the scalp, you float into a pleasant and lasting state of relaxation during a head massage. In addition, the facial massage stimulates blood circulation, making tired eyes disappear and leaving you looking in the mirror with a radiant complexion.

45 minutes – € 65

Manual lymphatic drainage

For swelling, oedema or simply for relaxation

A gentle, medical massage for physical complaints. Stimulates lymph flow and helps with swollen joints in the arms and legs. Gentle circular movements on the skin help your body to release lymph congestion.

30 minutes – € 43
45 minutes – € 65

Hot Stone Massage

Warm stones provide relaxation

Stones can actually be quite cozy. Especially when they are warmed up and placed on the skin. The gentle pressure of the weight and the warmth relieve tension. Classic massage movements support the treatment on the way to complete relaxation.

30 minutes – € 45
45 minutes – € 67

Aroma oil massage

Classic massage with an aromatic oil of your choice

Are your shoulders tense after a long day at the office? Or do you want to do something good for your muscles after a sporty day in the mountains? With our aromatic oil massage, our masseuse will take care of your aches and pains and makes you fit again with the high-quality doterra oils. Includes an oil blend to take home!

30 minutes – € 45
45 minutes – € 67

Zwei Hände, die eine Frau am Rücken massieren
Auf dem Rücken liegende Person bei Massage
Bein massierende Hände
Zwei Hände, die die Fußsohle massieren
Zwei Hände, die ein Frauengesicht massieren
Zwei Hände, die am Bein massieren
Frau am Rücken liegend bei Hot Stone Massage
Hände, die eine am Rücken liegende Frau an den Schultern massieren
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€ 43,00
€ 65,00
€ 116,00
€ 43,00
€ 65,00
€ 43,00
€ 45,00
€ 45,00

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