Slow Holiday in the alps

Me time in the mountains

Our goal? Seeing our guests glow with joy!
You can find out what that means here…

It is a well-known fact that fire only burns if enough oxygen reaches the flame. The little breeze of fresh wind and the fresh air really ignite the burning and glowing. This is how we see it with ourselves. Because only when we are doing well and in harmony can the fire and pure happiness in life be kindled in us.

That’s why it’s so important to us that your inner fire kindles again and again. Isn’t that always easy for you? We understand! Shaking off stress and finding long-term inner balance is not easy. This requires the right exercises, which we will show you as part of our Slow Down Weekends. So you can also apply the craft you learned in the retreat afterwards. The brandgut is a place for your conscious time-out. Cleanse body and mind and plunge into new adventures with a breath of fresh air. The brandgut is a place for your conscious time-out. Cleanse body and mind and plunge into new adventures with a breath of fresh air.

Ein Paar macht Yoga auf einer Aussichtsplattform mit atemberaubendem Blick auf die Salzburger Berge - Outdoor Aktivitäten im Hotel Brandgut.
Meditation im Wald mit einer Klangschale - entspannte & ruhige Atmosphäre im Salzburger Land beim Hotel Brandgut.

Who accompanies
you over
the weekend?

Sabrina Leitold – Healing masseuse with passion

Tell us a little bit about yourself and the brandgut: “I’m a real Viehhofner. Ever since I became a mother, my passion has of course been our son. I love to explore nature with him, like to spend time with my family and also like to read a book. My personal favorite place at brandgut is the natural pond with a view of the surrounding mountains. My long-standing friendship with Julia takes me there almost every day”.

What path brought you to this retreat? “Originally, I did an apprenticeship as a hotel and hospitality assistant, and after 10 years I realized: I want to learn something new again. So I went to school for 3 years and trained as a medical massage therapist. I am specialized in lymphatic drainage and of course in classic massages. Getting to the bottom of things, finding out where the pain is coming from and then solving it with the help of a therapy plan, these are the things that bring me joy. I have my own practice in Saalbach. You can find me on Instagram, Facebook or on my Website.

In my work as a medical masseuse, I make sure that I always listen to my patients and customers and give them the trust they need to open up to me. A good basis of trust is the basis for a functioning therapy.

Your thoughts on the Slow Down Weekend? I’m particularly looking forward to our weekend meeting new faces and helping them with their smaller or larger problems: all this together with my colleagues, who are also my friends. ☺️

Katja – Physiotherapist & Kinesiologist

Tell me a bit about yourself and the brandgut: My name is Katja and I come from the beautiful Zillertal in Tyrol. My greatest passion is Aivi – my labrador. I spend every free minute with her outside in nature. My favorite place in brandgut? Everything! It’s not a “normal” workplace for me, but a place of well-being. I met Julia through my boyfriend, which I’m very happy about because I’ve gained a good friend in her.

What path brought you to this retreat? “I am a qualified physiotherapist, therapeutic masseuse and kinesiologist in training. My passion and vision is to create a holistic treatment plan for people through my holistic treatment strategies and to minimize or even eliminate existing problems. With me everyone is welcome. It doesn’t matter whether it’s tension, after surgery, chronic pain, migraines, concentration problems, sleep disorders and much more. I’m happy to find an approach that helps everyone. If I’m not on the mountain, you can find me in my practice in the Zillertal. Feel free to check out the website at or on the social media channels.

Your thoughts on the Slow Down Weekend?
“I am looking forward to many new faces. Who knows, maybe also on well-known ones
faces. And I hope for a relaxed and insightful time.”

Julia – Creative meditation trainer

Tell us a little bit about yourself and the brandgut: “My personal favorite place in the Brandgut is my goats’ summer villa. Logically, because my passion is definitely my animals – from horses to cats. There is nothing more meditative for me than working with my animals.”

What path brought you to this retreat? “I am not a Kundalini Yoga Master, nor can I levitate off the ground during meditation. But “Guess what” – like many of you, I often take too much of my body and mind and take it for granted. Plagued by being constantly ill, I was looking for something outside of conventional medicine that would let me calm down, ground me a little and also heal something. I have found the fulfillment of this in meditation. And let’s be honest: on stressful days I can’t move my office to the pasture with the animals – unfortunately the WiFi doesn’t work there. 😉 Because I was so enthusiastic and wanted to pass this knowledge on to other people, I decided to train as a meditation and mindfulness trainer. In meditation, I prefer to work with the chakras and try to show people through mindfulness exercises that they can see and enjoy the small things in life again.”

Your thoughts on the Slow Down Weekend? “It is particularly important to me that everyone feels comfortable and can take something with them. I look forward to spending a nice weekend with lots of lovely people!”

Pure relaxation

Me time in the mountains

It can also be quieter?

A relaxing holiday in the mountains offers the perfect opportunity to focus on Slow Travel, Selfness, Slow Sport, Meditation and Relaxation. Or in other words: just lying around lazily. Immerse yourself in untouched nature, breathe in the fresh mountain air and find inner peace and balance. This is how you can ignite your inner fire from within! The term “Slow Holiday” stands for a conscious and slow type of holiday, which is not about experiencing as many things as possible in a short time, but about establishing a deep connection to the environment and simply relaxing. Where is it particularly good here in summer?

Klares Wasser aus einem Gebirgsbach im Salzburger Land, ein Moment der Naturverbundenheit - Urlaub im Hotel Brandgut in den Salzburger Bergen.


Hammocks in the forest: just hang out and take a deep breath


Guided meditations with hostess Julia


Yoga platforms with a view of the surrounding mountains


In-house calisthenics park in the open air to train fitness with your own weight


Just chill in our winter garden: listen to the raindrops in the dry or open the window roof when the sun is shining and soak up the sun’s rays


Stroll directly from our operations center – i.e. the reception – explore hidden waterfalls or simply enjoy the silence and the view of the breathtaking landscape. Regardless of whether you are a professional hiker or a hobby walker. We will help you to choose the right activity around Viehhofen


Soothing treatments and massages at over 1,000 meters